Greetings from Orpheus on the other side:

THIRTY FOUR years ago I gave up my corporal existence pursuing the love of my life into the afterworld of the Euthanasia Broadcast Network. Recently, I managed to disable the CERBERUS security system at the EBN and am using this opportunity to break my silence and reach out to humanity in a new time of crises. Although the internet did not exist 34 years ago, media sedation and consumption brain washing was accomplished by television. As bad as the water boarding of consciousness was back then, today I am compelled to warn all sentient beings that we face an exponentially greater threat: the new medium of the internet and deployment of disinformation by political and corporate interests represent a grave threat to peaceful interaction among human beings. Eurydice and I want to remind you that no matter what the designers of social media platforms and corporate marketers want you to believe, there is no substitute for the hi-touch experience that feeds the soul. Don’t “friend me”, “like me” or “follow me” or any other virtual crap. Mark Succubus, Executive Director for Hades and the EBN Social Media Department and his minions are not interested in real love, they are interested in pleasing stockholders and the commoditization of the human psyche.

In an effort to overcome the suppression of creative energy and true love, the Grey Zone gang (Axel, Scratch, Linus, Razoreus, Eurydice and myself) are supporting the Black Friday release of this BLU-RAY come hell or high water 34 years after its world premiere at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, October 31, 1989!

Since there is a limited amount of time for corporeal existence please SEIZE THE DAY with this Blu-Ray and shred on through to the other side!

Eternally yours in love, light and rock in roll,
Orpheus Hellenbach

Watch the Shredder Orpheus Trailer